31 July 2007
Flexible distribution modus of next regular budget payment as agreed in Warsaw. To be received later this year after the final approval of the Second Annual Report. Excel file.

14 May, 2007
ENSCONET updated implementation plan 2006. pdf version

25 July, 2006
Audit certificate model text. pdf version

Timesheetword. If you use time-sheets to document your time commitments for the project, you may want to use the one that UVEG is using. Word document

7 July, 2006
Audit Certificate Guidance Notes, prepared by the Interdepartmental Audit Certificate Working Group, version 1, June 2005. pdf version

22 June, 2006
Based the discussion during the 2nd annual meeting in Valencia, Jonas summarised the most important points, and the schedule for the preparation and submission of the financial report. Attached please find these points in a pdf document

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