18 April 2008
N2 Collecting plan development summary 17 Apr 08. PDF document

31 July 2007
N2 Bio-geographical groups. Priority guidelines, produced by Costantino Bonomi, based on the discussions in Warsaw. Word file

Progress in the bio-geographical groups. Status June 2007. Document presented by Simon Linington in Warsaw. Word file

July 17, 2007
Simplified schema: comparsion of list of holdings with biogeographical priority species lists. PDF format.

July 14, 2006
ENSCONET Seed Collecting Manual version. PDF format.
ENSCONET Questionnaire about the collecting manual July 2006 in Word. Please send comments to N2 about the Collecting Manual version.

June 7, 2006
ENSCONET 2nd Annual Meeting Valencia. PDF file concerning the N2 Agenda. Please take a look before the meeting.

March 14, 2006
Excel file with the list of holdigns sent by N2 coordinator. Press here for download

Excel File with the list of holdigns sent by N2 coordinator after 1st annual meeting. Press here for download

March 9, 2006
Dear Members,
Next Tuesday, the 14th of March we will be holding the N2 e-forum on collecting. The forum will be open from 9-14 hrs, London Time (the same as ours).
We propose to debate the following issues:

·Completing the N2 questionaire: we emphasise the importance of the need to complete this according to the model we sent out so that we can put together a joint data base: Do people have any problems with this?

·The development of the Bio-regional Groups (Atlantic, Boreal, Alpine, Continental, Macaronesian and Mediterranean, these groups will be very useful for proceeding with the establishment of priorities that develop from the comparison of the base list with regional or national red data lists. We are proposing to form a regional Macaronesian group from the BASEMAC partners including the Madeira Botanical Garden and the Faial Garden in the Azores. We already have good contacts with them through our existing INTERREG programmes. Are there any other suggestions or proposals for bio-regional groups?

·European List of Threatened Plants: we understand that there is a new initiative for a revised European list but as this will take time to produce, we propose that we should work with existing national and regional lists, any comments or suggestions? We really need to have the list of our holdings of threatened species in Europe to proceed with collecting priorities etc. on a bio-regional basis.

·Collecting protocols: we put up the latest version of the collecting protocols (prepared by RGBK, UPM, and JB Cordoba) for your revision and suggestions, do you have any comments or proposals on this theme?

·Broadening of our list of holdings: It would be convenient to have data from all the seed banks holding European native species even though they are not all members of ENSCONET. We propose that the BGCI list of gardens with European holdings should be used as a basis for asking the remaining gardens or seed banks to send us their basic data for the N2 and N3 questionaires. (The BGCI list is attached).

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