26 October 2009
Presentations displayed during the Worksop that took place in Meise 2009:

Costas A. Thanos "Overcoming different types of seed dormancy" part1, part 2

Ann Van de Vyver "After-ripening of Spermacoce seeds (Rubiaceae)?"

César Pérez-García & M. Elena González Benito "Germination tests in a seed bank: the basics"

Robin Porbert "Managing conservation collections"

John Dickie "Germination test basics – statistical tests" , "Predicting germination using taxonomic and environmental data"

21 November 2008
Important. Task N3 Milestone 10 Research Needs report. Please review this document and send comments to Costas Thanos and or Ruth Eastwood. PDF.

16 December 2007
Presentations displayed during the Worksop that took place in Pavia during 22-26 October 2007:

Costas A. Thanos
"Seed germination research: from the traditional laboratory practice to an ecophysiological approach"

Ehsan Dulloo"Bioversity’s research on conservation of agricultural biodiversity"

Costantino Bonomi "A critical review of key curation procedures"

Franco Prodi "The problem of climate change"

Hugh W. Pritchard "Temperature and the latent life of seeds"

Robin Probert "Maximising the quality of conservation collections"

MAICh "Packaging and Storage"

Jerzy Puchalski et al. "The procedures for seed curation of native plants in the seed bank at the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw"

Ann Van de Vyver "Drying Techniques at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (NBGB)"

Andrea Mondoni "Lombardy Seed Bank"

Andrea Mondoni "Moisture monitoring at the Lombardy Seed Bank (Italy)"

Andrea Modoni "Basic germination at the Lombardy Seed Bank (Italy)"

Costantino Bonomi "Proficient use of logging equipment"

M. Elena González-Benito et al. "Drying at the Seed Bank of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid"

M. Elena González-Benito et al. "Seed packaging for long term preservation"

Simon Linington "Seed cleaning at RBG Kew" Videos: "Open fruit", "Fruit Crush 1" , "Fruit Crush 2", "Sieve 1" , "Sieve 2", "Sieve 3", "Loading large aspirator"; "Seeds in large aspirator - medium setting", "Small aspirator"

Simon Linington "Germination at RBG Kew"

Simon Linington "Regeneration & Distribution"

Elena Estrelles "Some considerations to take into account in the cleaning of seeds: The experience of the
Germplasm Bank of UVEG

Yves Pauthier "Video"

31 July 2007
ENSCONET Consideration of international seed bank standards. Documents presented by Simon Linington in Warsaw. Word document

17 July, 2007
Comments on international (FAO/IPGRI) genebank standards. Word document

21 September, 2006
ENSCONET movement of plant germplasm partner banks. Word document

10 July, 2006
Updated list of N3 Task 1.2 (staff, facilities)

5 June, 2006
N3 Agenda proposal in PDF format for the Annua Meeting in Valencia

11 April, 2006
N3 questionnaire. Click here for access to the information
N3 questionnaire BG CBDC PAS. Click here for access to the information

21 February, 2006
Fluorescent Lamps for indoor gardening. Click here for acces to the information

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