19 February, 2008
New ENSCONET conceptual schema including recovery information and seed availability. Word document.

7 November, 2007
ENSCONET 5th Conceptual schema. Updated version. Press here to download the Word document.

12 October, 2006
Accessing ENSCONET data online. PPT file. Notes accessing data online. Word file

21 July, 2006
Database of research papers investigating various aspects of seed biology of native European plants (with emphasis on the grey and national literature). Excel file with 2 sheets. Please we intend to present Version1 of the database during the 5th Management Team meeting (next January 2007 in Athens). Replies to Costas A. Thanos.

6 June, 2006
ENSCONET 2nd Annual Meeting Valencia. N4 Agenda in a Word document. Please take a look before the meeting.

26 May, 2006
ENSCONET 2nd Draft Conceptual Schema
Note to N4 partners about the 2nd Conceptual Schema

21 February, 2006
Dear N4 Partners,
A first draft of the database conceptual schema was sent to you by email on the 17th February. It is now also downloadable from this FTP server.
Could you please give us your feedbacks/ comments/ corrections/ ideas by end of March 2006 by email, post on e-forum or document uploading on FTP server?
Many thanks for your co-operation.
ENSCONET Draft Conceptual schema
Note to N4 partners

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