September 29, 2009

ENSCONET Virtual Tour. Final documents to review and correct minor mistakes: Comments, Phases, Objects, Timing.

July 6, 2009

ENSCONET Virtual Tour. Templates to translate the different documents: Comments, Phases, Objects.
Besides please download the following instructions to optimise the time for this task

December 5, 2008

ENSCONET poster. Empty template for poster presentations at conferences. Download

February 27, 2008

Virtual Tour. New version about part of this task. It was displayed during the Management team Meeting in Cordoba. Furder information will be sent to N5 members. Flash document.

July 2, 2007
ENSCONEWS. 3rd and 4th Annual bulletin. Please complete this document and send by mail to Valencia. Deadline was stablished in July 20.

Virtual Tour. Version 3 about the virtual tour is accesible to partners. Please download the document and send comments about the structure (take a look to February 2006, where you can find the flow chart sent by Simon), and proposed texts (take a look to December 2006). More texts will be required to complete this task later. Storyboard for the introduction.

April 27, 2007
E-forum content in the dominion ensconet.com. PDF files.

Collecting Curation
Alpine biogeographical group 01- Genmedoc manual comments to germination data
Collecting protocol 03- Genmedoc Manual Germination data fields
Discussion for Collecting Protocol 04- Genmedoc Manual Germination fields
E-Meeting on Collecting 1 05- Genmedoc manual Germination of dessication-intolerant sp
E-Meeting on Collecting 2 06- Genmedoc manual Scarification
E-Meeting on Collecting 3 07- Genmedoc manual Specifying format in germination fields
E-Meeting on Collecting 4 08- Genmedoc manual Start
E-Meeting on Collecting 5 09- Genmedoc manual Dissemination
ENSCONET Collecting Guidelines and... 10- Genmedoc manual 01
Index seminum question 11- Genmedoc manual 02
N2 Collecting E-forum Day 12- Genmedoc manual 03
N2 questionnaire 13- Genmedoc manual 04
Task 4_6 14- Genmedoc manual 05
What is happening with N2 15- Genmedoc manual 06
What's the point of index semina Answers concerning cryo-preservation 07
Database Comments to germination data 08
Access Seed Conservation data from external sources Cryopreservation 09
Database Access rights Dessicant dyers manufacturers
Document _Accessing ENSCONET data online DRYING 11
External data sources_ GIS, remote sensing 00-E-MEETING 6-10 12
Geocodes 01-E-MEETING 6-10 13 page 1
Germination Tests 02-E-MEETING 6-10 13 page 2
Habitat classification 03-E-MEETING 6-10 CLOSING DATE
Management fields 04-E-MEETING 6-10 CWR Conservation and Use
Question about vouchers 05-E-MEETING 6-10 ENSCONET domains
Second Database Draft released 06-E-MEETING 6-10 ENSCONET Training programme
Seed Storage Behaviour field 07-E-MEETING 6-10 ENSCONET Virtual Tour
Server Issue 08-E-MEETING 6-10 EU conservation initiatives
Spatial Grid Projection field list 09-E-MEETING 6-10 June 2006, photo request
Taxon Misidentification 10-E-MEETING 6-10 Network partners. Important for Leaders
  11-E-MEETING 6-10 Web page_ links to contents in your institutions
General Management issue 12-E-MEETING 6-10 WELCOME TO N5 E-MEETING
Audit certificates 13-E-MEETING 6-10  
Budget Year 2 14-E-MEETING 6-10  
Deadlines September 2006 15-E-MEETING 6-10  
ENSCONETannual meeting 2006 16-E-MEETING 6-10  
Financial reports Justification 17-E-MEETING 6-10  
Improving e-forum meetings Galanthus nivalis seed behaviour  
Keep track of your time commitments! GENMEDOC MANUAL E-MEETING  
Levels of participation and information exchange Genmedoc manual Welcome  
Links to research initiatives NOTICE FOCUS on point 6-1  
New contact in RBG Kew Finance Depa.. germination of dessication-intolerant  
Possible GIS Workshop Lombardy seed bank  
  Lombardy Seed Bank facilities  
  Measurement of water activity  
  N3 questionnaire  
  N3 questionnaire message in e-mail  
  Possible GIS Workshop in Cordoba  
  preferred day of the week for curation  
  Seed ordering  
  survey Photos  
  survey Seed Moisture Content  
  Using promoters in germination tests  

February 28, 2007
ENSCONews II. Here you can find the first public design for the 2nd Annual bulletin. Please, take a look and comment.

February 20, 2007
Bookmark. Front side, back side. Check structure, text and pictures.

January 3, 2007
ENSCONET 2nd Annual Bulletin. Please send comments to Valencia.

Cover 1 Cover 2 Cover 3 Cover 4 Cover 5

December 20, 2006
ENSCONET virtual tour. Some ideas to discuss about. Acording to the flow chart proposed by Simon Linington (see February, 2006) a not definitibe design about the seedbank and their facilities. Here we propose some little changes.
In September 2006, Simon sent to volunteers and N5 leader one text (first draft) you can see here. The text has been checked and there are some ideas to comment.
There is a topic in the e-forum for suggestions.

October 31, 2006
Report on visits to ensconet.com and e-forum:
Navigation entries. PDF format.
Sessions. PDF format.
Sessions per month. PDF format.
IP-addresses. PDF format.
Countries. PDF format.
Pages. PDF format.
Paths. PDF format.

July 10, 2006
Website visitor statistics until June 1st 2006. MS Word format.

June 1, 2006
Annual Meeting in Valencia. Main topics for discusing during the N5 presentation. PDF format

May 25, 2006
Virtual Tour. New pictures about the facilities, laboratories, and the virtual guide.


Only a sample about movements for the virtual guide are accesible pressing here. Enjoy

April 25, 2006
ENSCONET: Linking RIBES to seed banks across Europe. Simon's conference. Press here to see the document

February 27, 2006
Virtual Tour. A first list of laboratory equipment is proposed in the present document. Press here to view. Please N5 partners check it and send your comments before friday. Designers will need 3 months to have ready the virtual tour. We will start texts discussion on March 2006.

Besides, you can find here a Flow chart designed by Simon Linington as a request from Valencia during the 3th Management Team Meeting.

Finaly, the proposal for the new virtual tour is sumarized in the present schema. Please take a look and we will work around this proposal to develop an adequate content, easy to understand for general people, but with the possibilitie of giving information to people who want learn more about how to work in a seedbank.

February 27, 2006
ENSCONET 1st Annual bulletin. Final version. Press here to view.

January 18, 2006
The final version about the four part doccument has been sent for printing. Here you can see the final design with all the information about this topic. (841 Kb)

January 17, 2006
ENSCONET Virtual Tour.
Pictures about the guide in the tour. (76 Kb)

September 27, 2005
Guidelines for the e-forum. (1900 KB). Press here to see the doccument

First communication of ENSCONET activities at International Symposium of "Wild flora ex situ Conservation under the Framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity", held on April 7-8, 2005 Córdoba
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A brief doccument about ENSCONET corporate image.

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