3 June 2009
ENSCONET Year 4 & 5 tasks and deliverables. PDF document

1 May, 2009
Text of previous ENSCRI application, submitted in February 2008. PDF document

04 March, 2009
New corporate poster. PowerPoint document

16 February, 2008
List of conferences to attend. PDF document


18 January, 2008
Presentation Jean-Emmanuel Faure, DG Research, European Commission, on FP7. PDF document

31 July, 2007
Action points Third Annual Meeting. PDF document

ENSCONET conferences to attend. Please keep this list up-to-date and send JM information on conferences. PDF file

25 July, 2007
Addres list ENSCONET members 2007. Excel file

15 June, 2007
3rd Annual Meeting Warsaw

1) Agenda. PDF file.
2) Briefing document . Word file.
3) Powerpoint presentation with keywords from the briefing document. PowerPoint file.
4) Implementation plan with TRAFFIC LIGHTS. PDF file.

ENSCONET - 2nd phase

5) Updated version of the ENSCONET II concept paper, version 14/06/07. Word file.

19 February, 2007
ENSCONET 3th Annual Meeting in Poland. First contact information. Please download the document in PDF.

10 July, 2006
A brief PowerPoint introducing new partners, waiting until they are ratificated by the European Commission. Once they be members information about their institutes will be included in the web page.

6 June, 2006
Instructions to travel to Valencia during the 2nd Annual Meeting.

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